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Let’s Talk About Fibroids

EmpressBody is supporting Fibroids Awareness Month by trying to eliminate the stigma and open up the conversation about Fibroids to help women achieve full yoni empowerment. Up to 80% of women will experience uterine fibroids, which are noncancerous tissue growths in the uterus. That’s 8 out of 10 women experiencing symptoms such as long periods, pelvic pain, frequent urination or constipation. What’s more; African American women are three times more likely to experience fibroids than other races, making it more important than ever that ALL women come together in this special month to spread the word, the knowledge and the love and support we all deserve so that marginalized groups are no longer suffering alone. EmpressBody has done the research for you and found out some of the biggest factors of this feminine health issue. It’s time to start the conversation and achieve full yoni health awareness for all.

What are Fibroids?

Uterine fibroids are benign tumors that originate in the uterus (womb). They are made up of the same smooth muscle fibres as the uterine wall (myometrium), but they are much denser than normal myometrium. Uterine fibroids are usually round. Some women experience no symptoms, and some women experience them badly.

What Can Cause Fibroids?

EmpressBody knows that every woman is unique and beautiful in her own way and can be affected by fibroids for many different reasons. Your family history, hormone production and even pregnancy can all contribute to the development of fibroids.

What Can You Do to Fight Them?

EmpressBody is here to help. EmpressBody is dedicated to all forms of feminine health and all forms of female empowerment. EmpressBody’s holistic products were specially designed to help women without the drastic measures of undergoing surgery, from the specialized Fibroid Fighter Bundle, to the Detox Pearls and Moringa Powder – they all combat the painful and damaging symptoms caused by fibroids.

Because every woman is so beautifully unique we have to point out that relieving the symptoms of fibroids will differ from woman to woman. But the EmpressBody Fibroids Fighter Bundle is made up of different elements that individually have soothing properties and as a combined treatment work together to relieve symptoms of fibroids.

The EmpressBody Fibroids Fighter Bundle contains:

18 Detox Pearls

(This is the minimum amount we recommend although we advise 36 Detox Pearls for multiple fibroids that are medium-large in size). EmpressBody Detox Pearls work by using specially selected herbs creating a pulling effect that draws toxins, bad bacteria, dead cells, old bloodclots, mucus and more from your yoni while at the same time tightening your yoni and deterring vaginal dryness and other ailments.

Click here for more about the EmpressBody Detox Pearls

100ml Moringa

One of the best benefits of EmpressBody Moringa Powder is its super immune-boosting powers. It contains an anti-inflammatory compound that improves digestion, strengthens bones, prevents blood clots, improves cardiovascular health which is beneficial for skin and hair care, mild detoxification; it also fulfils iron deficiencies and increases your natural immunity.

Click here to read more about EmpressBody’s Moringa

50ml Spirulina

Spirulina offers health benefits for practically every organ and bodily function. Spirulina has long been revered for its ability to strengthen the immune system. Spirulina reduces Inflammation and eases PMS symptoms and also eases the passage of waste through the digestive system, thereby reducing stress on the entire system. Spirulina has been proven to really help with the symptoms of fibroids.

Click here to read more about EmpressBody’s Spirulina

2 x Yoni Steam

EmpressBody’s Yoni Steaming is based on an ancient practice known to give menstrual support for dysmenorrhea (painful periods) and irregular periods. It can also clear dark menstrual blood from the beginning or ending of the cycle.

Click here to read more about EmpressBody Yoni Steaming

With the EmpressBody Fibroids Fighter Bundle we recommend that women do the full 18 EmpressBody Detox Pearls, this means inserting 6 pearls over a course of 24 days, each pearl you will use for 3 days not 2 to relieve the symptoms of fibroids and expel toxins. Women may experience cramping due to the fibroid tissue being broken down, but warm baths will help relieve the pain. Drink plenty of water and Moringa to help purify and encourage your body to function at its full potential and aid in preventing fibroid flare ups and achieve full yoni wellness.

Click here to view more about the EmpressBody Fibroid Fighter Bundle

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