18 Detox Pearls  (this is the minimum amount we recommend although we advise 36 detox pearls for multiple fibroids that are medium-large in size )
100ml Moringa
50ml Chlorella
2x Yoni Steam

More Information On Each Products Benefits:

18 Detox Pearls
EmpressBody pearls work by the specially selected herbs creating a pulling effect that draws toxins,bad bacteria, dead cells, old bloodclots,mucus and more from your yoni while at the same time tightening your yoni and deterring vaginal dryness and other ailments

100ml Moringa
One of the best moringa benefits is its super immune-boosting powers PROPERTIES OF MORINGA LEAVES Hypocholesterolemic agentAnti-inflammatory compound Improves digestion, strengthens bones, prevents blood clots, improves cardiovascular health, beneficial for skin and hair care, mild detoxification, fulfils iron deficiency, increases immunity.

50ml Chlorella
it offers health benefits to practically every organ and bodily function. Chlorella has long been revered for its ability to strengthen the immune system. Chlorella Reduces Inflammation and Eases PMS Symptoms and also eases the passage of waste through the digestive system, thereby reducing stress on the entire system.

2x Yoni Steam
Menstrual Support Dysmenorrhea (painful periods) Irregular periods Clears dark menstrual blood from the beginning or ending of the cycle Endometriosis Vaginal disorders: Yeast Infections and other vaginal bacteria Vaginal dryness and painful intercourse Support for Cervical Dysplasia

Fibroid Fighter

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