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Is there a ‘Right’ Way to come off the Pill?

EmpressBody has noticed that many women feel that their MDs are very quick to put them on the contraceptive pill if they suffer from PCOS, Fibroids, Endometriosis or irregular or painful periods, but many women feel uncomfortable with the idea of synthetic hormones controlling or affecting their bodies or suffer from unexpected side effect like extra hair growth or depression or might be trying for a baby.

Many goddesses get in touch with EmpressBody to ask us how best to come off their birth control and if there are any side effects they should be aware of? Well we have done some research for you and have come up with a step by step process to help you come off the pill in a balanced way and suggest a few holistic alternatives to help with some of the ailments many are put on the pill to combat.

Step 1.

Purchase some multi-vitamins and herbal supplements like Moringa or Spirulina as many important nutrients can become depleted whilst on the contraceptive pill like: Zinc, magnesium and selenium. Most women are already mineral deficient when they start the pill because of the standard western diet so it’s crucial to start building back up your stores of these minerals. When a woman stops her birth control and is deficient in these minerals she might develop a series of issues.

But never fear! EmpressBody stock their own Moringa (loose or in tea bag form) and Spirulina!

Click here to read more about Moringa Powder

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Step 2.

It might seem simple, but you can stop the pill at any time. Luckily, the pill is one of the few drugs that you can stop without having to wean off of it. Some women stop midway through their current pack while others prefer to finish it out. It’s completely up to you.

Step 3.

There will be a period of adjustment after coming off birth control, especially if you have been on it for a long time. Your cycle might become a little irregular or cramping may be more severe for a while whilst your body adjusts to controlling its own rhythm again. You may experience mood swings, or a few flare ups of acne or skin blemishes just whilst your body goes into hyperdrive producing and regulating its own hormones at first. Your normal cycle should settle back into itself after a month or two. And there's good news if when you were taking the pill you experienced headaches, spotting, breast tenderness or nausea - that will all disappear when you come off your birth control.

But What if You Came Off The Pill to Try for a Baby?

If you have made the incredible decision to start a family and are worried that your fertility might have been affected by being on the pill, then you should know that fertility returns to normal as soon as you stop taking the pill. And if you are looking for a fertility boost EmpressBody can help you out there too! EmpressBody has specially designed a Fertility Bundle which can be found on the bundles page on the UK site.

Click here to read more about the EmpressBody Fertility Bundle

Alternatively you can try a full detox or 6 EmpressBody Detox Pearls, try to conceive the next month and then use two yoni pearls a month until you conceive, this is the usual procedure we ask of our soon to be mothers.

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We also advise them to take Spirulina which is a well known super fertility boost we only sell raw organic Spirulina from the source. Most of the ladies who have conceived with us have said they felt that steaming sped up the process, steaming is proved to assist with fertility by helping to unblock any tubes and regulate the blood around your perineum.

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If You Do Not Experience Periods without the Pill

Many women who suffer from PCOS find that their body does not naturally have a period every month, but might go months or even years without one. This is very normal for PCOS and is caused by the hormone imbalance. To help your period become more regular and to help your ovaries to handle their cysts, EmpressBody has also put together a PCOS Bundle, or you can do a full detox of 36 Detox Pearls which will help your body to draw out toxins, mucus, old blood clots and cystic tissue from your womb and yoni.

Click here to read more about the EmpressBody PCOS Bundle

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