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3 Tips to Ditch Vaginal Dryness

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Vaginal dryness can be such a pain! It can cause discomfort during the day and can put a damper on your sex life – and nobody wants that! Many women have sensitive mucosa that can often become inflamed and irritated by the presence of soap. Much like soap can remove oils from your skin and cause irritation and dryness, soap can strip the vulva of its natural oils as the vulva is naturally moist. This can cause significant irritation and it should also be noted that soaps can cause vaginal dryness which may become an issue if one is sexually active. EmpressBody has lots of tips and tricks to help – we’ve even created several products to help you out! We’ve picked three simple tips that you can try out to help get your honey pot flowing and perfect again!

What can cause vaginal dryness?

There are many things that can change your hormone levels and therefore how much vaginal discharge or fluid you produce:

- Menopause

- Breastfeeding

- Contraceptive pills or antidepressants

- Hysterectomy

- Cancer treatments like chemotherapy

Other causes of vaginal dryness can include:

- Using perfumed soaps, washes or douching your vagina

- Underlying conditions like diabetes etc

- If you’re just not that into sex, not being properly stimulated or aroused can have a big effect on the amount of natural lubricant you produce

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Our Top Tips:
1. A couple of things to avoid:

- Vaginal douching or using perfumed soaps – this will strip away your natural vaginal flora and upset the balance of your yoni’s pH! This can mean your yoni will be unbalanced and will struggle to right itself.

- Using creams and lotions that aren’t specially designed and formulated for use on or around the vagina; using substances like petroleum jelly can cause infections and again, upset your delicate vaginal pH balance.

Click here to find out more about yoni pH balance

Instead you could try a couple of EmpressBody’s specially formulated products to help keep your yoni happy!

The EmpressBody Yoni Elixir:

Our Empress Yoni Elixir Oil can be used as lubricant when applied directly to the entrance of the vagina but as it contains Coconut Oil it should not be used in conjunction with silicon based condoms. The Empress Yoni Oil can also help to:

- Soothes irritation

- Assists in preventing infections

- Natural lubricant that can be used during intercourse

- Rids excess discharge

- Strengthens vaginal tissues

- Prevention of painful intercourse

- Moisturiser

- Anti-inflammatory

- Cleansing properties

- Anti-Fungal

- Toner and Rejuvenator

Click here to read more about the Empress Yoni Elixir

The EmpressBody Yoni Wash:

EmpressBody™ Yoni Wash (Vaginal wash) has 100% Organic natural ingredients, which will help maintain a healthy pH Balance, support the natural acidity and aid in preventing bacteria build up or yeast infections. Safe for daily use. As this product contains no perfumes it won’t disturb the balance of your yoni flora and will encourage the natural production of yoni nectar.

It is:

- • Paraben free • Sulfate free

- • Phthalate free. • GMO free

- • Propylene Glycol free. • Dye free

- • Artificial Fragrance free •DEA free

- • Lye free • Cruelty free. • Certified sustainable plant based ingredients

Click here to read more about the EmpressBody Yoni Wash

2. (It’s the best one) – Take a little more time in the bedroom – get your Foreplay on!

Doing anything that is sexually arousing will help your yoni lubricate itself. For a woman vaginal lubrication is an important part of sexual arousal. It readies the yoni for penetration, making it easier for the penis, fingers or toys to enter and reducing any painful or harmful friction. If you’re finding it difficult to go straight to intercourse due to vaginal dryness, then slow down! Take more time in the bedroom to get aroused!

Touching, hugging, intimacy and closeness are key to feeling more relaxed and sensually stimulated. Taking at least 25 – 45 minutes to get sensually in the mood will help your yoni to get into gear and produce more natural lubrication, but some women produce more natural lubrication than others; as we pointed out earlier, the Empress Yoni Elixir can be used as a lubricant, but you could also try using other types of lubricant to make sure your enjoying the experience fully!

3. Try out these EmpressBody products:

If vaginal dryness is making your life difficult outside the bedroom too, you may benefit from trying out the EmpressBody Detox Pearls. EmpressBody’s yoni pearls work by the specially selected herbs creating a pulling effect that draws toxins, bad bacteria, dead cells, old bloodclots, mucus and more from your yoni while at the same time tightening your yoni and deterring vaginal dryness and other ailments.

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