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The EmpressBody Period Poverty Priority

EmpressBody knows that Period Poverty is a worldwide phenomenon. Harrowing cases of poor menstrual hygiene are commonplace: India, Kenya and Cambodia have battled for years to prevent girls from dropping out of school in communities where mattress stuffing and leaves are often used for menstrual management. EmpressBody believes that menstrual care is a basic human right and it’s time for global governments to address the fact that so many girls around the world are deprived of it.

In the UK Period Poverty came to the forefront of the public conscious in December 2016 when a scene in a film showed a struggling single mother caught stealing sanitary towels. This scene particularly caught the imagination of the UK, and food banks were flooded with donations of menstrual products.

In the new light of Period Poverty awareness, the following March saw reports released of schoolgirls in Leeds routinely missing school because they were unable to afford menstrual products. Children as young as 10 were choosing to stay at home to avoid the embarrassment of bleeding on their school uniform in front of their peers, because they weren’t adequately protected. They miss school every month because they cannot face the shame and fear of going to school using socks stuffed with tissues, old torn T-shirts or newspaper. In these families, menstrual products are an unattainable luxury.

One in ten teenage girls has, at some point, been unable to afford sanitary products. One in seven has had to borrow tampons or sanitary towels from a friend because they couldn’t afford to buy their own.

But What About The Cost of Heavy Periods?

EmpressBody knows that every woman is uniquely beautiful and has a cycle and flow that is her’s and her’s alone. There are lucky women who are blessed with a one-day, very light flow period, who have the option to use one packet of sanitary items for more than one month. But there are those who suffer extremely heavy and irregular periods due to factors like Fibroids, PCOS and hormone fluctuations. For those women, menstruation can be an embarrassing, painful and expensive process.

How EmpressBody Can Help Your Period Purse Strings

EmpressBody knows that everyone is different from their flow to their lifestyle and all of these factors can impact their choice of menstrual products. But EmpressBody would recommend investing in an EmpressBody Menstrual Cup, which is reusable and perfectly safe, hygienic and cost effective to use.

The EmpressBody Menstrual Cup is durable for up to 11 years, reusable, eco-friendly, and economical. It has been specially designed to be ideal for all women, and reduces the risk of infection; offering a cost effective, alternative for female sanitary products.

Click here to read more about the EmpressBody Menstrual Cup

EmpressBody Menstrual Cups not only save you money but they are a healthy alternative to your orthodox pads and tampons, not only are they re-usable and can last for years with proper care but they shape to fit your vagina without leaking. You can carry on with your normal day to day activities - even swimming! EmpressBody have two sizes to choose from, the Large or Small Cup. The Large is for women who are 30+ or for women who have had children. The Small is for women under 30 and have not had children. Both are made from 100% high quality medical grade silicone.

How to use the EmpressBody Menstrual Cup:

1. Wash both hands using soap and warm water.

2. Wet the cup so it is easier to insert into the vagina.

3. Crouch or squat down low.

4. Fold the rim of the cup vertically in either a tight "U" fold or use your fingers to make the rim of the cup coil round.

5. With relaxed vaginal muscles, separate your labia (inner yoni lips) with your free hand.

6. Push the folded part of the EmpressBody Menstrual Cup inside the vaginal opening so that the stem (or tip) of the cup is around 1/2 an inch inside.

7. Inserting the EmpressBody cup too high can lead to leaks or a difficult removal, to check it’s at the optimal level lightly tug on the stem to make sure the cup is not too high up and is secure.

8. Grip the base of the cup, not the stem and rotate 360degrees (a complete circle)

Click here to read more about why you should switch to using an EmpressBody Menstrual Cup

How WE can help women around the world.

For every EmpressBody Menstrual Cup you buy, EmpressBody will donate 10% of the proceeds to Dignity Period, a charity dedicated to ending Period Poverty in Ethiopia.

How Does Dignity Period Help?

Using their research findings and working with experts at Mekelle University, they developed and introduce culturally appropriate educational materials that combat false beliefs and deeply-rooted myths about menstruation, with the goal of providing dignity for girls in Ethiopia, period.

· Developing age-appropriate educational materials about menstruation and menstrual hygiene practices that can be introduced into the school system.

· Exploring how we might produce a menstrual hygiene education film in the local language that could be used throughout the region.

So join EmpressBody in bringing empowerment and period dignity to all that need it.

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