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PCOS & The Truth Behind It

 - PCOS affects 1 in 10 women, most women being unaware until seeing problems whilst trying to get pregnant in their 20's-30's. - PCOS is the most common reason for infertility, hormone imbalances and possibly diabetes due to your body resisting insulin. - PCOS can start from as young as 11, it causes missed or irregular menstrual cycles that can lead to small fluid-filled sacs in the ovaries called cysts. - Your risk for PCOS may be higher if you are obese or if you have a mother, sister, or aunt with PCOS. -SYMPTOMS- most women notice excess hair on their face, acne, weight gain, anxiety or depression due to hormone imbalances, thinning hair or irregular cycles,some women do not see these symptoms until later.

- We advise women to mainly avoid Dairy being it raises testosterone levels, Gluten which causes inflammation and Soy which is a hormone disruptor.. Most meats contain high levels of hormones which can play a part a crucial part in hirutism (Excess Hair) and mood changes, try to avoid these foods fully or cut down on them.

- If you have PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) or know someone that does, feel free to email us for more information on how to prevent or relieve it.

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Funso Ogunlolu
Funso Ogunlolu
Dec 31, 2020

I am currently dealing with this and it's just depressing I manage it by plucking because of the high cost involved in getting a laser. I can only pray that one day I sleep and wake up with a hair free chin forever.

Aug 26, 2021
Replying to

Hey chicki, do you get dark spots or marks cause of the plucking? There’s a product called PFB vanish which I have started to use and so far so good. There’s also lots of good reviews about it on Google, YouTube etc.

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