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Gentle on your skin Gentle on the environment Based on natural and renewable materials Sanitary towels with a soft top layer based on tree pulp Fluid resistant and breathable bottom layer made of corn film 100% chlorine free


Pack size: 13


• Top sheet made of natural material. No plastic. 100% compostable

• Absorbent core made of Totally Chlorine Free pulp.

• GM-free corn based film. 100% compostable.


Naty Normal Plus Sanitary Towels combine three environmentally friendly layers that provide superior performance. The top sheet is made of natural and renewable material, contains no plastic and is 100% compostable. The absorbent core is made of Totally Chlorine Free pulp and the GM-free corn based film is 100% compostable. No chlorine, latex free and gentle on your skin.




Organic Sanitary Towels

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